When Christ fed the five thousand, was He simply supplying their needs for that day?
Was He feeding us even today? Is there a deeper meaning to the event that occurred?

bookcoverFeeding the Five Thousand explores this event in a unique way.  Unlike any teaching you have heard to date concerning this amazing event, the book reveals deeper truths as the day’s events unfolded.

The Apostle John, in his gospel, tells us that if all the works of Jesus were written down, the world itself could not contain the books. With so many events to write about, the ones selected by the writers must have great significance.

All four Gospels records Christ’s miracle of feeding of the five thousand.  It is the only event that the disciples and Jesus referred to as having a purpose to teach them an important truth:  a truth that eluded the disciples for some time and a truth worthy of our own discovery. We have heard this event preached and taught many times over the years with various degrees of in-depth understanding.

In this book, David Zimmer puts you into the setting of the miracle, helping you visualize the people involved, the interaction between Jesus and His disciples, the reaction of the crowd, and even the miracle as it unfolds before your eyes.  You’ll smell the sea water from near by, feel the breeze as it rustles the weeds, hear the whispering of the crowd as the Master taught, and experience the bread and fish multiplying as it is passed.

You’ll learn what lead up to the miracle and what happened afterwards. This book almost transports you to the time and place so that you become one of the crowd, receiving the Bread of Life and passing it onto your fellow man.  You will never be able to read the account of Christ feeding the five thousand again without the deeper truths presented here coming to mind.  Its easy language helps you visualize and comprehend the important elements that caused Jesus and the disciples to use it in teaching us the lessons from this exceptional miracle.

Benefit from this miracle that caught David’s eye.  Learn from his hours of study, research, and visualize the events of that day. Walk in the sandals of the disciples. Be the boy who brought his lunch. Listen to the boy’s parents as they ponder the impact of his lunch. Become a part of the crowd.  Minister through the eyes of Jesus to thousands of people.

You will enjoy reading David’s insights and portrayal of this great and important narrative.

Reverend Stephen M. Hecht
Zoe’ Christian Fellowship


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You can get a copy of the book.  It is an excellent tool for ministry or evangelizing.  Its easy to understand style makes it great for the new believer.  Its thoroughly researched and referenced points clearly explains each idea.   For the more experienced believer, the book challenges the mind and opens up new ideas on familiar scriptures.

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